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Virtual Classroom

Learning from the convenience from home!


Virtual 4-week Meal Planning Workshop hosted by one of our Registered Dietitians
Our online workshop is a convenient way to learn about meal planning and get a jump start on doing it too!

This 4-week course is designed to give you everything you need to be a meal prep pro! 
Each week we will have a 1-hour virtual class where we will cover balancing a plate, meal planning, meal prep, and budgeting.

Information, tools and support, all bundled into one easy and convenient live course!

There will be demos, a lot of information and tons of resources for you to access!

Space is limited to 20 students per class so you get a group setting with the ability for direct interaction. This means you can ask questions and get immediate answers!

You will receive tons of information but you will also have weekly Homework, because the best way to learn is by doing!

Right now only $100 for the 4-week series!

You will get access to:

Our meal planning platform*

The mobile app*

Menu plans


Grocery lists

Facebook Group access



Course Outline


Week 1


In week 1 we will review how to get started and accessing the system, you will receive a step by step instruction on maximizing your success in the course

We will review “What is healthy eating?”

-Nutrition basics and Dining into the Details

  • Portion sizes, nutrition guidelines and recommendations 

  • Applying healthy eating habits to different situations

  • We will review student specific questions and more!


Week 2


In week 2 we review meal planning, building a balanced plate for your goals, and giving purpose to your meal plan.

We also review utilizing tools and resources to simplify the process while creating delicious and enjoyable meals!


Week 3

In week 3 we will review the ever popular topic, eating healthy in a budget, ways to reduce your cost while keeping to a balanced plate and meal plan. We will also start the meal planning process which will be used in week 4!


Week 4

In week 4 we put everything  into action! We will create a  sample meal  plan, complete a prep demo and review keys to ongoing success. This week the students will join us (virtually) in the kitchen! 

At the end of this 4-week program, students will have the confidence and knowledge to plan their own weekly meals, but will also start with a customized 4-week meal plan created during the class!

*Students will also have access to our meal planning platform for 8- weeks after the class, so they can continue  to utilize our powerful meal planning platform and app!

Reserve your seat today!


Meal Planning 101

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